Far West Texas, in the summer of 1984…

bookcoverimageThe town of Sierra Blanca is caught between cartel violence and Soviet subversion with only a Texas Ranger, the Sheriff, and a CIA burnout to protect it.

Sierra Blanca is a genre twisting, pulpy novella that blends classic spy novel and Western themes. The Cold War and the Drug War collide in the distant town of Sierra Blanca.

The thrilling new novella has been named a Top 5 Texas Crime Novel for 2017 and is out now on paperback or Kindle.  Get your copy here or in person at Book People in Austin, Texas.

Check out the blog for special features from the book, including the SOUNDTRACK.  You can also find me (and the book) on Goodreads.  I’ll be setting up some giveaways there from time to time.  And you can “follow” me on Twitter: @DonMPatterson


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